Delta Center Rules

In accordance with Federal law, the Delta Center operates some strict security policies. These are in place for your safety and that of others around you.

Accessible Seats

At the Delta Center, there are many accessible seating options located in multiple areas. Guests who need the accessible seat but have non-accessible tickets may exchange their passes at the Delta Center Guest Service on the day of the event.

Drop-Off Zones

Guests looking to be dropped off at the venue may do so at 300 W. Due to post-event traffic, the area will not be available for pick-up.

Alcohol consumption and policy

Animals and Pets

Pets are not allowed within the Delta Center premises. However, certified animal services for guests with disabilities will be permitted in all areas as long as the animal is maintained on a leash. Service animals will also be allowed, provided they are connected to a leash. Guests with service animals are responsible for cleaning up after them.


Bags and purses are not allowed inside the Delta Center. Diaper and medical bags will be allowed provided they are no larger than 14”x14”x6”. Clutches will be allowed provided they are not larger than 4”x6”x2”. All medical and diaper bags will be subject to X-ray scanning at the entrance. Only Door 5 will accommodate entry for guests with diaper bags and medical bags.

Signs & Banners

Cameras and Recording Devices

Cash-Free Policy

The Delta Center practices a cash-free policy to limit contact. Fans are allowed only to use debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Mobile pay options like Utah Jazz + Delta Center app’s digital wallet and Jazz Notes.


Children under 24 months of age can enter the venue free of charge, but they must share a seat with an accompanying adult who has purchased a ticket. Children over 24 months should provide a ticket in order to enter.

Code of Conduct

Delta Center staff are trained to deal with guests and intervene in the event that these rules are not being followed. Guests are also highly encouraged to report inappropriate behaviors to nearby ushers and security guards.


Elevators are reserved for guests with disabilities. All other guests are encouraged to use the stairwells and escalators.

Lost & Found

Prohibited Items