Tool at Delta Center

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Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah


If you cant get enough of that alternative stuff, man do we have news for you! The one, the only, the outstanding Tool is heading to the city on the Salt Lake City, Utah leg of the fall, 2023 tour! Isn't that the most exciting thing you've heard all week!? Fanatics of Tool are hyped! This October, this event is is hosted by the top venue for music of its kind in the city, Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah! Cancel your plans because your day is about to get real ALTERNATIVE on Wednesday 11th October 2023! Now promptly purchase your tickets incase they sell out follow the link on this page this instant!

If you cant wait to see Tool FOR fall, 2023 then chill out, it's not that far off, for the moment you can sit tight and relax and in the meantime, buy your entry for you and a set of alternative fan friends...because they're selling fast! Tool is the biggest on the seven at the moment, the leading, there is something about Tool everywhere you look! So missing this would be terrible! It'll be a Wednesday night amongst a thriving crowd...and more so because it'll be held at the leading place around, the awesome Delta Center, Utah, Salt Lake City on Wednesday 11th October 2023! CAN YOU PICTURE IT? What a great combo! NOW, if you're fast thinking and want tickets before they're gone we suggest buying access while supplies are's so simple...check with your buddies right away, then scroll to the 'get tickets' button and press it to purchase some now!

Tool at Delta Center

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