Panic! At The Disco at Delta Center

Panic! At The Disco Tickets

Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

We are SO engrossed about the most smashing news in pop right now…it's the finest thing we've heard all year, this may be a surprise but Panic! At The Disco has released tour dates for the fall, 2022 states tour! Pop fans are already creating a total frenzy because tickets are in limited supply for this Thursday night of eye catching pop and more this October, so naturally fans are snapping them up! If you need a set of tickets for the big show along at Vivint Arena, Utah, Salt Lake City for Thursday 13th October 2022 this is just the place, we will do all the work from here…can you see the small 'GET TICKETS' link just above? Well, follow it now to bag yours this instant!

Panic! At The Disco at Vivint Arena

Its hard to think of a fall without the leading pop act around….Panic! At The Disco performing a live show and 2022 is no different….a Thursday day of nothing but hits and tunes from the smashing Panic! At The Disco….October is already looking lit! We bet you can picture yourself inside that huge and famous arena, actually being there for fall, 2022 tour of he US…consuming all of those delicious snacks, buying your favourite bits of merchandise and soaking up that POP atmosphere….it'll be what an evening this is going to be! The ever popular Panic! At The Disco will be held at the smashing, Vivint Arena of Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday 13th October 2022….the ONLY place to be for such a HUGE night! Now we guess you'll need some tickets? How about your access rehear you ask? It's so simple, you will be able to simply buy directly from here, look above to the 'get tickets' button and press it now to bag some! This could be your only chance!

Panic! At The Disco at Vivint Arena

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