Olivia Rodrigo & PinkPantheress at Delta Center

Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah



Olivia Rodrigo & PinkPantheress at Delta Center



Olivia Rodrigo & PinkPantheress

Delta Center

Olivia Rodrigo & PinkPantheress tickets

Prepare yourself for a sensational evening as two of the hottest acts in pop/rock music join forces for one extraordinary night! On Wednesday, 31st July 2024, Olivia Rodrigo and PinkPantheress will set the stage alight at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, with their chart-topping hits and enthralling performances.

Olivia Rodrigo, the breakout star whose tracks like "drivers license" and "good 4 u" have captured the hearts of millions, will deliver her raw, emotional storytelling that reverberates with fans across the USA. Her acclaim is not just in the charts but also in prestigious awards, marking her as the defining voice of a generation.

Joining her is the enigmatic PinkPantheress, whose innovative blend of pop and garage has skyrocketed her to the forefront of the music scene. Her tracks, including "Just for me" and "Pain," showcase a talent that melds nostalgia with cutting-edge cool, proving her to be a must-see act.

Tickets start at $303, but the experience will be priceless. Don't miss out on witnessing these ground-breaking artists live in concert. Buy your tickets now and be part of the magic!

Olivia Rodrigo & PinkPantheress Tickets from $303

Experience the fusion of cutting-edge pop as Delta Center hosts an memorable show with music sensations Olivia Rodrigo and PinkPantheress on Wednesday, July 31st, 2024. The heart of Salt Lake City will resonate with exciting tunes, the sight of spectacular lighting, and the roar of excited fans. attendees can expect a night filled with popular hits and spectacular performances that have defined a generation.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo, the voice of the Gen-Z heartbeat, has announced her Guts world tour, stopping in Salt Lake City. Rodrigo, a multi-talented artist capable of bewitching audiences with piano and guitar, brings her evocative music right to your doorstep. The iconography of her lauded 'Sour Tour' has evolved into a more robust arena experience, accompanied by a team of skilled musicians. Revel in the artistry of a performer celebrated for her authentic songwriting, which earned her awards including several Grammy Awards and recognition across global charts.


PinkPantheress joins the stage with her unique brand of British alt-pop. Fresh from the 'Capable of Love' tour, she now delights fans alongside Olivia Rodrigo. The connection between these two artists, sparked over a dinner in London, ignites the stage, guaranteeing an energy-packed performance. PinkPantheress's latest album, 'Heaven Knows,' coupled with hit singles, promises to weave a spellbinding narrative that resounds with fans old and new.

Delta Center Information

Delta Center, a landmark of Salt Lake City's entertainment scene, offers an expansive venue with state-of-the-art amenities and a seating capacity touching an striking 20,000 mark. Having hosted the highest-grossing concerts and celebrated many historic moments, the Delta Center is perfectly poised to spotlight these incredible artists. For specific venue inquiries, please reach out directly to the Delta Center.

Ticket Information

Do not miss the chance to witness this stellar lineup. Tickets for Olivia Rodrigo & PinkPantheress are in high demand, starting from $303. Secure your spot at this monumental concert through Ticket Squeeze, clicking on the ‘buy tickets’ button for a guaranteed safe purchase. Let the allure of this transformative pop-rock event coax you into an evening of musical bliss.

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