Monster Jam at Delta Center

Monster Jam Tickets

Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

Sunday is a day that demands to be full of adrenaline fuelled excitement that will make the rest of the week look weary and boring, so let your Sunday plans be taken care of on Sunday 9th January 2022 for a brilliant racing event at the Vivint Smart Home Arena for the astounding Monster Jam. Tickets are on sale now, just click the Buy Tickets button below to purchase yours. Do not miss out on witnessing the legendary drivers as they fight in a racing battle that will determine who will be the victor and who will be the loser. Book your tickets now and be confident that your Sunday 9th January 2022 with the Vivint Smart Home Arena enjoying Monster Jam will be the best Sunday ever!

Monster Jam at Vivint Smart Home Arena

Sunday 9th January 2022 is a date you should save in your mind for a day of remarkable racing. Vivint Smart Home Arena is hosting the astounding Monster Jam, pledging a time of mighty, heart stopping racing. ensure your place now. Be astounded as drivers compete in a vortex of rapid driving, curves and talent, clashing in a tough competition to be crowned the supreme in speed. Salt Lake City is the best location to host such an awesome event, sure to surprise fans with its easy access to guesthouses, parking services and eateries, making your visit to Monster Jam, not only memorable, but stress free. Vivint Smart Home Arena lets participants to push themselves with the contorted bends, sharp turns and long straights. fans can indulge their speed desires in the luxury of the venue’s conveniences, relishing in the display of the event. The mood will be intense as the drivers performe in a struggle for the title of Monster Jam. 2022 is the year to attend such an occassion, and promises to scorch spectators memories always. Do not skip out and book your tickets immediately, before they are sold out. Monster Jam at Vivint Smart Home Arena on Sunday 9th January 2022 is not to be missed. be a part of for the greatest event in racing.

Monster Jam at Vivint Smart Home Arena

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