Lany at Delta Center

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Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah


There are an abundance of great shows to be experienced and for a truly stupendous rock night out, Lany is considered a formidable performer that you never should miss when given the opportunity! On Saturday 9th March 2024, expect Delta Center to be lit for a one-off event in Salt Lake City, Utah that will be sure to amaze everyone there. You’ll be amongst hundreds of other excited fans in a capacity crowd, eagerly awaiting their favorite hits! Whether you’re front and center or in the rear of the stadium, Lany guarantees you an unforgettable experience that you won’t find anywhere else. So, click the ‘get tickets’ button to secure your tickets to see Lany live!

When anyone in Salt Lake City, Utah thinks about live shows, the iconic Delta Center is always the first venue to come to mind. Not only is it the home of some of the greatest acoustics and sound-engineering in the state, but it also attracts big-name artists, talents, and entertainers who want the very best for their fans. The instant you enter the venue, you’ll be met by the friendliest staff around and can enjoy experiencing the event surrounded by the rich and welcoming decor. Don’t forget that the Delta Center is also on the same block as some of the most popular restaurants in town, making it the perfect part of your night on the town. When you want quality concert-viewing experiences, then you want to order tickets to any upcoming Delta Center show.

Lany at Delta Center

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