Gorillaz at Delta Center

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Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are an ALTERNITAVE music fan picture this, you're at a Gorillaz concert on a Monday evening along with a whole bunch of other fans feeling that outstanding music..well that could happen for real on the fall, 2022 Gorillaz US tour! Are you familiar with the impressive Vivint Arena, Utah, Salt Lake City? Well, now you can book access to the exciting show from today! This could be the finest night of September so how about bringing a lunch of your buddies? ACCESS CAN BE PURCHASED FOR ALL DATES RIGHT AWAY, follow the 'GET TICKETS' button to grab some!

fall, 2022 is already looking pretty sick…….If you your like minded friends adore ALTERNATIVE MUSIC then there is something special waiting here for you! Gorillaz are known as one of the premier acts around, alternative fans attend shows again and again to get that same feeling of pure joy, Gorillaz are so great live and this is going to be a totally unmatched Monday evening in September…you just HAVE to be there! Another strike of luck Gorillaz is hosted by the breathtaking, Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday 19th September 2022! Vivint Arena is always involved in playing an abundance of the most high profile events, especially alternative bands just like Gorillaz, it'll be perfect…you'll see! If entry is why you are here then you have come to the right place! You can book straight from here. Scroll up to the 'get tickets' button above, follow to get some today

Gorillaz at Vivint Arena

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