Feid at Delta Center

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Delta Center | Salt Lake City, Utah


Expect the musical bravado as Feid spits a gutsy hip hop number, arriving in Utah this coming Wednesday 15th May 2024 at Delta Center, Salt Lake City. Catch the bars flying over the venue as Feid will rap heavy bars that will make your head vibe with the groovy tunes on record.

This concerts will feature the swaggy and urban cadence of Feid as they lit up the stages with their nasty moves for the hip hop crowd to rock with. From traps to bops, get ready to be shook as the wonderful verses are waiting for the audience to vibe with the best hip hop celebration on notice.

Rejoice with the sound of the scratching vinyl , call the hip hop gods and pray for a free pass as Feid turn it down to the center stage with a fast and head-vibing style on the mic for a mic dropping hip hop show for the fans to recall. Grab your tickets now for Feid on Wednesday 15th May 2024 at Delta Center!

If you’re ready to sample the hip hop scene at its finest, this event might be the right thing for you. Delta Center is the gold standard in Salt Lake City and across Utah when it comes down to delivering the most jam packed hip hop evenings, and you’ll have the unique chance to experience this at first hand on Wednesday 15th May 2024. One of the trendiest titans in the genre will hit the stage of the infamous venue and the tickets are selling out fast. Feid will make a stop in the city bringing rap-minded locals and backpackers alike for a night of world-class hip hop experience. The hosts will offer the guests a full mix of great conveniences to wow the crowd and complete their authentic concert experience. From the lighting and acoustics designed in a meticulous attention to detail, to the heart-racing sound system delivering the hip hop rhythms even to the furthest corners of the room - you name it, Delta Center delivers it. Each ticket brings all this and more, and you’re just a click away from it - don’t miss it!

Feid at Delta Center

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